I feel like ranting.

Why?  Because I just read about the “healthcare bill discussion”.  Although I believe they were behaving like children, I’m not going to talk about that particular subject because I don’t know all the facts.  Unlike most people, I don’t talk unless I know every aspect about what I’m talking about.  Others don’t mistake me for an idiot that way.

But I digress.

Since I am in ranting mode, I would like to let off some steam by ranting about something that has always bothered me, and will no doubt bother me for all eternity.  It also falls under people not knowing all the facts.

Look, I’m not trying to persuade you.  That isn’t the goal here.  I just want people to understand.

Here we go.

First, I would like to address the idea of cloning to be unnatural, and against God’s will.  “Unnatural” means contrary to the ordinary course of nature.  With this thinking, identical twins would be against nature.  Cloning is just a genetic copy.  Which is what identical twins are.  Also, your cells go through cloning everyday!  Mitosis is the process in which cells copy themselves to create more cells.  Also, asexual reproduction is cloning.  Taking all of this into consideration, would that mean every single living organism is behaving against God’s will and Nature?

Second, is the idea of people living forever through subsequent clones.  Okay.  I’ll try to be civilized with this one.  Cloning copies your body.  Your body is just tissue.  Flesh, blood, and bones.  That’s it.  Therefore, the body is not important when it comes to who you are.  It’s your mind that’s important.  Your experiences, your personality.  It is true there can be a biological impact on your personality (for example, there are people who simply can’t not be happy due to a chemical imbalance in their brain), but the majority of it is your experiences.  Other wise, identical twins would be carbon copies, both physically and personality wise, of each other.  Which isn’t the case.  You can’t clone your mind, your spirit, your soul.  That is who you are!  Not some chain of nucleotides.

Okay, I’m done now.

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Lookie look!  I has a blog.  Me and my ninja skillz.  Ummmm . . . what do people do with these things?!  *searches through a bunch of stuff*  Where’s the script?!  I thought I said I wanted a script!!  *blinks*  I guess I need to improvise.

Weeeelllllll, we can talk about anything.  That doesn’t mean I’ll give you the–will you quit scratching me?!  Stop licking me!!  FINE!!  Come ‘ere, mutt . . . I guess Nero wants to help me type.  Okay, now where was I?  Oh, yes!  Ask me anything, but there is no guarantee I will give you the correct answer or even one that will make sense.

I like music, books, movies, video games, drawing . . . food . . . . . . dancing . . . . . . . . science.  So we can talk about all that kinda stuffs.

Dunno how often I’ll update this thing.  I’ll try for everyday.  But it’ll probably be more like every other day.  Or whenever I have something to write about.  That means we might have some crazy conversations.

‘Kay?  ‘Kay.

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