Of Angry Ninjas and Missing Ghosts and Demons

The ninja was starting to get worried about the continued disappearance of a certain poltergeist and demon. They couldn’t get into too much trouble, could they? Well, Beej could . . . and he might have been able to talk Minias into something. No doubt the ghost had a con in mind that would require the demon’s assistance.

Therefore, now that she was appropriately concerned, the ninja set off in search of them.  First, she went to various bars, asking if they had seen a crazy blonde in a striped suit and ridiculous magenta shirt, accompanied by a guy with curly brown hair.  No one had.  So she went to the local whorehouses.  And found nothing.

“Arg!  Where are they?!”  She could easily summon Beej, but she wasn’t sure if she could summon Minias.  Which was why she was searching the old school way. 

Annoyed, the ninja found her way to a Starbucks.  After she had paid and gotten her vanilla bean frappachino with a shot of caramel, she turned and say the pair at a table in the corner.  She assumed Minias had something from behind his coffee cup because Beej started laughing.

Apparently, they were not aware of the ninja’s presence.

Quickly, the ninja made her way to their table.  Still, they were oblivious.  In fact, they didn’t know she was there until she set down her drink on the table.  She crossed her arms, her hip cocked to the side.

“Hello boys,” she said quietly.

They gulped and looked at her.

“Hey, babes,” Beej said with a nervous laugh.  “Have I mentioned lately that I love you?”

“Why did you leave?”

“We just wanted some coffee.”

“For two days?”

“Uh, well, Miss Ninja, there was the casino as well.” Minas said nervously.  He really hoped the ninja wasn’t too angry.  From what Al told him about what the girl wanted to do with Nick . . .

“For two days,” she repeated.


She was silent, thinking it over.  “Did you win?” she finally asked.

“Duh,” was Beej’s reply.

“Oh, okay then,” she said happily.  The ninja picked up her drink.  “Awesomesauce.  Now, you’d best come back.  Minias, you’re Alyss’ demon for the month, remember?”

“Yes, I remember,” he said with a sigh.  Then his eyes widened in shock when the ninja smacked the back of his head.

“Good.  See ya later!”  Then she vanished in her red ninja-poof.

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Wings and Pixie Dust

Here is my story for Pixie Appreciation and Jenn’s Birthday!

The ninja blinked several times before she tried to unstick her hands.  In her attempt to make wings, she ended up super-gluing her hands together.

“Note to self,” the ninja mumbled, trying to pull her palms apart.  “Don’t clap while handling super-glue.”

She jumped when Jenn landed on her wrists.  The pixie woman fisted her hands on her hips and raised her brow.

“Kylie, what are you doing?”

“Trying to make wings with fabric, wood, and super-glue.  Then I clapped ‘cause I’m crazy like that, and ended up gluing my hands together.”

The pixie was able to keep a relatively calm façade for about point-five-seconds.  “Oh my gosh, Kylie!” she managed to say between gasps of much needed air.  Once she stopped laughing, Jenn lifted up in the air to sprinkle pixie dust on the ninja’s glued hands.  “Why were you making wings?”

The ninja shrugged, watching the pixie work.  “I was bored.”

“I couldn’t imagine you being bored when you can spend time with your demon.”

“He’s busy being a slave-trading demon.”

“Oh.  So then why didn’t you draw some wings?”

“As awesomesauce as that would be, I wanted to actually make them.”

Jenn nodded and dropped a bit more dust on the ninja’s hands.  “Okay, try it now.”

Kylie slowly pulled her hands apart.  “Woot!  I would glomp you, Jenn-chan,” she said with her cat smile, “but you are too tiny at the moment.”  Then she held up her fist.  “How about a fist bump, instead?”

Jenn laughed again, and hit the ninja’s fist with her own.  “That’ll work!”

What would I do without you, Jenn? xD

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