A Warrior for a Winged Girl

Here is a gift for my buddy Alyssa!

A Warrior for a Winged Girl

After several days of contemplation and mind-changing, the ninja finally figured out what to give Alyssa for her birthday.  Now, all this ninja needed to do was kidnap her.

“Oh, Alyss!” Kylie said in a sing-song voice as she skipped into the DS.  “I have a present for you.  Well, actually, I have to kidnap you and deliver you to the person who will take you to the place in which you will receive your present.  So I don’t actually have your present.  And I don’t think it would fit into a box.  Well, it could, but it might get a little bloody.  Unless of course you get a baby one.  Even then, that might be a big box.”  Then she noticed everyone was looking at her funny.  “What?!”

“Kylie,” Antonio said cautiously.  “Is this present dangerous?”

The ninja thought about for a moment before replying with a grin, “There is the potential for life-threatening-ness!”

“What kind of life-threatening?” Marsha asked.

“Hmm.  I suppose Alyss could get eaten.  But I doubt that’ll happen,” she said with a dismissive gesture.  “Kitty and Meus will keep her safe.  Now, let’s go!”

The ninja grabbed Alyssa’s hand before anyone could say anything else and they vanished in her red ninja poof.  In the next moment, they reached their destination; Alyssa glanced around at her surroundings.  The sky was purple, the road they were currently on zigzagged, and there was a drop on either side.  She glanced over the edge, but all she could see were orange clouds.  Farther down, she could see a huge bull’s skull, and a blue building with a sign that read “BJ’s Roadhouse”.

“Welcome to the Neitherworld!” the ninja said, still grinning.  She stopped with an almost visible jerk.  No one could see her grin since her mask was on.  Insert facepalm here.

“So this is the Neitherworld?” Alyssa asked the ninja.

“Yuppers.”  She then started running down the road, tugging Alyssa along.  The woman’s wings flapped out briefly, before she clasped them back around herself.

As they neared the Roadhouse, a loud yipping came from the skull house across the street.  Kylie made a detour and ran up to the fence surrounding the house.

“Shush, Poopsie,” she said to the strange little pink dog with horns and funky tail.  The ninja reached over the fence to pet the dog.  “The-Monster-Across-The-Street lives here,” she explained to Alyssa before leading her back to the Roadhouse.

When they reached the door, Kylie didn’t even bother knocking, and walked right in.

“Hey!” Beetlejuice yelled from the couch.  “Don’t ya know how ta knock?!  I coulda been naked here.”

“Could have,” the ninja replied happily.  “But I didn’t write it that way, so it’s all good.  Where’s Kitty?”

“In the kitchen,” he grumbled.  “This idea of yer’s is crazy.  Y’know that, right?”

“I know.  That’s why it’s fun.”

“Whatever.”  The ghost, who wanted nothing to do with this, returned his attention to the tv.

The ninja rolled her eyes.  “Ignore him, Alyss-chan.”  She pulled Alyssa to the kitchen.  “And ignore the mess.  Beetlejuice is a slob, but we love him anyway.”  Alyssa, who had no idea what was going on, just nodded and let the girl lead her.

When they entered the kitchen, Kitty stood up and turned to face them.  She was wearing her bodice, skirt, stockings, and boots, but her goggles and trench coat were missing.

“Hey, guys,” she said in a voice identical to the ninja’s.  Zazie slithered out from behind her and gave a happy little mewl.

“Whaddup, Kitty-cat!  Hey, Alyss, guess what!”

Alyssa took in a deep breath and asked, “What?”

“Kitty’s Neitherworld outfit is based on my avatar’s in Vampire Wars on Facebook.”

Alyssa blinked, not entirely sure what to do with this tidbit of information.  “Cool.”

“Well, it’s just that Antonio said we were doing Vampire Appreciation for you, and there are no vampires in this story, so I thought I’d share that.  Y’know, to fill the Vamp Appreciation Quota.”

“Well, you filled the quota then.  Now . . . what exactly am I doing here?”

“I’m taking you to Saturn,” Kitty answered.  “So let’s go.”  She took Alyssa’s other hand and grabbed her coat and goggles on the way out of the kitchen.  “Don’t break anything,” she said to her boyfriend as they left.

“Okie dokie,” the ninja said, relinquishing her hold on Alyssa.  “Don’t let her get eaten.”

“No worries,” Kitty said with a grin.  She then put her fingers to her lips and let out a long, loud whistle.  A moment later, a sandworm slithered onto the road out of the clouds.  “Alyssa, this is Meus.”

The sandworm bowed his giant, stripped head.  It is a pleasure to meet a friend of my Mistress’ ninja twin.

“Sweetheart, she can’t hear you.”

Meus’ two pairs of yellow eyes snapped open, and they filled with embarrassment.  My apologies, Mistress Kitty.

“It’s all good.  Okay, take us to that Gathering thing you were talking about.”

The sandworm nodded and lowered his body so the two could get on.  Kitty looked over her shoulder at Alyssa.  “You might want to hold on,” she said, holding the spine in front of her.

“Hold on to what?” Alyssa muttered.  This thing was way wider than any horse she’d been on and he didn’t exactly have a mane.  However, the decision was made for her when Meus shot over the edge and she instinctively flung her arms around Kitty’s waist.


Kitty and Alyssa slid off Meus’ back when they came to the Gathering.  Meus, with Kitty translating, explained that the purpose of the Gathering was basically all the sandworms would get together, talk about any problems throughout their lands, fight over females, and general “How’s the family” discussion.  Earlier, Meus had told the others that his Mistress was bringing a friend who was interested in them and had expressed the desire to connect.  Now, a ring of a few dozen sandworms surrounded the two breathers.

A small male nosed Alyssa’s folded wings and looked towards Kitty.

“He wants to see your wings,” Kitty said after Meus told her what the youth wanted.

“Um, okay.”  Alyssa unfurled her wings and the sandworm jerked back.

You are part bat? asked a male even larger than Meus.  He lowered his huge head to be on eye level with Alyssa.

She blinked at the sandworm, silver scars crisscrossing his body.  “Not exactly.  My friend decided I should have wings, so I do.”

You are so small and fragile.  How do you not get hurt?

“Fragile?!  I am not fragile!!”

You are compared to a sandworm.

Alyssa opened her mouth to argue, but she supposed he had a point.

Kitty tapped her on her shoulder.  “Alyssa, can you hear him in your head?”

“Yeah,” Alyssa replied without hesitation.

The girl grinned and crossed her arms, her hip cocked to the side.  “Looks like you’ve connected with a warrior.”

Alyssa glanced from Kitty to the sandworm.

“Hey, Kylie told me about that demon of yours.  If he ever gives you trouble, I bet this guy here will set him straight.”

Alyssa couldn’t help but smile at the idea of this beast of a sandworm chasing Minias.

“Soooo, what’s his name.”

The winged blonde cocked her head and looked at her battle-scarred sandworm.  “Soldaat.”

Then Soldaat I shall be, my Lady Alyssa. 

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  1. AWH KYLIE!!!!



    Thank you!!! I wondered why Phil/Ryan asked about the Warrior!!!

    You have me crying stupid girl. LOL.
    *gives Kylie a proper hug.*

    Thank you.

    • KYAAA!!! *glomp* I’m sooo glad you like it! I was kinda worried. ^^;

  2. Awww ma-a-a-an…how come Alyssa gets a sandworm? I want a sandworm too(grumble) Oh well, it’s not my BDay, i guess. I was afraid you were going to give her “poopsie,” and really, nobody would want that. 😎

    • You might get a sandworm for your bday. 😉

  3. Hey, this is better than cake! What a fun bday story. 🙂
    Kitty and the ninja mean well, but they should be watched … carefully! – Lol.
    Okay, I loved it, laughing all through.

    • I know, right? Ninja was all for a life-threatening present! xD

  4. *in a sing song voice* Loved it!
    This was a very fun story Kylie! I’m sorry it took me so long to get to, but it sure was super enjoyable! And I mean, who doesn’t want a sandworm of their own?

  5. I’m putting in another comment so I can subscribe to your site! Just so ya know!

    • I’m already subscribed. 🙂

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