Angel’s Demon, part one

Angel looked down the side street with the broken street lamps. Then she looked back towards the one she was already walking on with it’s bright pools of light. It was late, and she was tired after working overtime at the bar. If she took the darker way, she’d get to her apartment faster. But the lit street was, well, lit.

She looked between the two streets for a few moments more before she decided to go down the dark street.

As Angel walked along the cracked sidewalk, the night seemed to get darker. She quickedned her pace, and tried not to panic.

But she couldn’t keep her heart from trying to pound out her chest.

Angel stopped walking, ready to turn and run when a mist suddenly swirled around her. A blacker than night shadow loomed before her, and it raised an arm, ready to strike her.

Angel held up her arm to block it, the sleeve of her oversized leather jacket slipped down to expose bare skin.

Angel let out a whimper and shut her eyes as she waited for the blow to come.

Angel’s whimper turned into a cry of pain as metal hit her wrist and it felt like ice shot down her arm.


Angel’s eyes shot open. Her arm was still up, and a thick silver band encircled her wrist. Her eyes flicked from the cold metal to her attacker when she heard the deep male voice swear. Angel tried to pull her arm down, but it seemed to be connected to his.

“Quit moving, woman! Fucking gods, why did this happen?” He swore a few more times. “I, Dahryus, am bound to you,” he growled. “I am yours to command until the bond is severed, whether it be through word or death.”

Angel stared at the still dark figure. All she could tell was he was big and she was fairly certain those were horns.

“Well?” he asked, lifting their joined wrists. “Say you accept!”

“I–I accept.”

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Dreams Become Reality

It seems the only place you can be mine is in my dreams.  The scenery and events don’t make any sense, but it doesn’t matter because you’re in here with me.

And it’s perfect.

Until I wake up and you’re no longer mine.

I see you everyday, and we spend so much time together.

But you don’t know how I feel about you.  You don’t know that I love you.

Or maybe you do, but you’re just afraid to admit it.

But that’s okay.  I’m willing to wait for you.  After all, I still have my dreams.

Even though I’m awake, I can still feel your arms around me, holding me tight.  I can’t stop grinning when I remember what you said to me.  How happy you were when you found out I loved you as much as you loved me.

One day, I promise you, those dreams will become a reality.

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