In Which Al Gets Glomped

Algaliarept stood in his kitchen, checking his inventory before Rachel came over on Saturday.  He was alone.

Or so he thought.

From the safety of the shadows on the high ceiling, a pair of blue-grey eyes, glittering with mischief, tracked his movements.  When Al had his back to the table, the ninja took the opportunity to drop.  She landed in a crouch on the table top, not making a sound.  She held her breath, hoping the demon didn’t turn around.

The ninja crawled across the table to position herself behind him.

As he turned he heard a happy little squeal of “Al!” and the ninja launched herself at him, wrapping her arms around his middle.  He hit the hard floor with a “Oof.”  The ninja nuzzled her head against his chest, eyes closed and a happy little cat smile on her face.

“Oh my gosh!  You were total awesomesauce!  I can’t wait till the next book because there will be more of you!”  She sat up, straddling his stomach.  “But then Book Ten will be out, and you’re not in that one.  For which I will be sad.”

Al stared up at her, his red goat eyes wide in shock.  “How did you–”

“Get here?” the ninja supplied eagerly.  “Well, I’m a ninja.  Duh.”  She leaned over him and gave him an Eskimo kiss.  “I’d best be going before the other NaSties try to drag me back.  See ya later, babe!”  With that, she disappeared in a puff of red smoke.

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  1. You are brave, even for a ninja! I think Al was befuddled. No one ever glomped him before, I’m guessing.

    ps~ I luvs what you’ve done to your blog design. I will have to try somethin’ with mine. And I have you on my blogroll cuz your blog’s sooo good!

    • And i doubt anyone has ever given him an Eskimo kiss, either! 😉

      Thanks, babe! I rather like the layout.

  2. I’d be careful about unexpected visits to the EA…you might accidentally bump into Newt. 😉

    • *sweatdrop* Oooooh, dear.

  3. Careful Kylie, you just might turn Al all soft and mussy. I like your blog too. I bought “Blogging for Dummies” to try and teach myself how to make one because my neices told me that Facebook was for “Old People” and I had to have a blog. I told them I am an “Old People” and they said NO YOU ARE NOT! God bless them when they are young enough to bribe with cookies, brownies, and handmade earrings.

    • I have a Facebook!

  4. Wow Kylie, that was great! I think it’s the best story I’ve read of that length.

    • Heehee, thanks!

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