Wings and Pixie Dust

Here is my story for Pixie Appreciation and Jenn’s Birthday!

The ninja blinked several times before she tried to unstick her hands.  In her attempt to make wings, she ended up super-gluing her hands together.

“Note to self,” the ninja mumbled, trying to pull her palms apart.  “Don’t clap while handling super-glue.”

She jumped when Jenn landed on her wrists.  The pixie woman fisted her hands on her hips and raised her brow.

“Kylie, what are you doing?”

“Trying to make wings with fabric, wood, and super-glue.  Then I clapped ‘cause I’m crazy like that, and ended up gluing my hands together.”

The pixie was able to keep a relatively calm façade for about point-five-seconds.  “Oh my gosh, Kylie!” she managed to say between gasps of much needed air.  Once she stopped laughing, Jenn lifted up in the air to sprinkle pixie dust on the ninja’s glued hands.  “Why were you making wings?”

The ninja shrugged, watching the pixie work.  “I was bored.”

“I couldn’t imagine you being bored when you can spend time with your demon.”

“He’s busy being a slave-trading demon.”

“Oh.  So then why didn’t you draw some wings?”

“As awesomesauce as that would be, I wanted to actually make them.”

Jenn nodded and dropped a bit more dust on the ninja’s hands.  “Okay, try it now.”

Kylie slowly pulled her hands apart.  “Woot!  I would glomp you, Jenn-chan,” she said with her cat smile, “but you are too tiny at the moment.”  Then she held up her fist.  “How about a fist bump, instead?”

Jenn laughed again, and hit the ninja’s fist with her own.  “That’ll work!”

What would I do without you, Jenn? xD

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  1. That is sooo funny, Kylie-chan!. I’m lucky I didn’t have crazy glue on my hands cuz I was clutching my stomach laughing. 😉

  2. Aha! You do admit your demon is a slave trader. That was very funny, you’re just lucky pixie dust works on super glue.

    • Lol, I know, right? And yes, I am fully aware of what my Al is, nor do I try to deny it.

  3. Thank you, Kylie-chan! You are completely awesomesauce! That was great! I understand about wanting to try something different & making wings was a great endeavour! Were you clapping because they were done?
    Love you, Kyls!

    • I’m so very glad you liked it! But, no, I wasn’t clapping because they were done. I was clapping just because. xD

  4. A big person-pixy fist bump! I’ve always wondered why Jenks doesn’t actually touch Rache or Ivy more…maybe he thinks it would be “icky.” 🙂

    • Dunno. Maybe it’s pixie edi–ediqua–crap on toast, I can’t spell to save my life.

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